Do You think it's safe?

Could a biological weapon be spread out "legaly".

Could injections be biological weapons?

How would the victims know, before hand?

How would people know after the spread of a biological weapon?


- Lets hear this Talking head about COVID vaccines in the Senate of Australia: Prof Robyn Langham

Chief Medical Advisor for the TGA on the scandal that the TGA knew that COVID Vaccines lipid nanoparticles went to all organs including the ovaries.


Chemtrails, again and again

How many times do "we" need to warn the populus of the incompetent stupid obnoxious evil gorvern[ment].

Yes Chemtrails are still real, not a conspiracy theory, because it has been going on for a long time.

You can search this site for chemtrails to see the older information written here, search chemtrails


I don't really watch any Jimmy Dore, don't know much about him, but in this video clip he give You some info, on what "they" must likely will do.


Endnu et offer i offerkrigen

Med henvisning til:
Endnu et af Guds selvudnævnte folks ofre Anders Morgenthaler.


Klima cirkus artister

Vis mig noget videnskab, ikke bare det der konsensus klima politik. (IPPC siger selv at såkaldt menneskeskabt CO2 er 3% af 3% af 0,1% af atmosfæren).

Køns cirkus artister

Der findes kun 2 køn, de er forskellige, hvis ikke man kan acceptere det, burde man måske få noget hjælp.


Nej hr. Morgenthaler, hjælp er ikke shekels




Lying for fame and money in the medical industry. Surprised?

Dr Robert Willner Injects 'HIV' into himself on TV

Talking also about the PCR test, the shit they not only use for hoaxing Coronavirus/COVID-19, but also use for hoaxing AIDS/HIV and hoaxing Rabies, etc...

Video length: 1 hour 13 min.



Mette Frederiksen vil bevare omskæring: Vi har lovet at passe på danske jøder

Mette Frederiksen vil bevare omskæring: Vi har lovet at passe på danske jøder

Det gælder så bare ikke jødiske babyer.

Dobbelt moral er åbenbart bedre end ...

Mette Frederiksen, ved så heller ikke at zionistiske jøder kun er tro mod Israel, ergo "Danske jøder" kan umuligt indeholde zionistiske jøder.


Sjovt at Mette var imod omskæring, lige indtil hun besøgte synagoen og bagefter blev statsminister.


"Nothing to see here, move along...."


Korruption er altid kun i andre lande. Hvilket magthaverne siger i alle lande.


Hvorfor have en landsforræder paragraf, når den aldrig bliver brugt, imod dem den var tiltængt imod!?!?

CNN Special Report of 1985 about Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons

People who trust the Main Stream Media, mostly call Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons a conspiracy theory.
Maybe they did not see this "news" clip from CNN
Oh well it's only 35 years ago.

Video length: 20 min.

So - Nothing to see here - Microwave technology cannot and will not ever be used as weapons - move along.

I found the video at:
And downloaded them from

Arthur Firstenberg - 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity

A Must See

Video length: 40 min.

By Arthur Firstenberg

About the microwave industri and You are taking part in the destruction of the world.

If you think the climate change is real - Let me ask You, why don't You point your fingers at the mobile industry - Microwave in all forms have a heating effect.
Please Think before following "role models" pushed by rich globalist and industry.

Do viruses even exist?

Simple answer: No!

Great info about how the medical industry, scam the world.

I have written about Stefan Lanka on this site before and also emailed alot of media in Scandinavia, for why they did not write a follow up on the trial in Germany, Stefan Lanka vs. David Barden - The media only wrote that David Barden won - But He did not win.
Just try google stefan lanka, You will notice what I mean.

Video length: 31 min.

By youtube channel extremnews

I found it at

Video Tom Barnett Corona Virus and Lock Down

You cannot catch a Virus, other than by injection.

I could not have explained this better in 11 min.


Thank You Tom Barnett for trying to let people know.

Video length: 11 min.


Don't get vaccinated!

You can also read my old story (2009) about the HPV vaccine gardasil in Danish


Informaton on Coronavirus 5G Kung Flu


If You think that microwaves have no effect on lifeforms, please watch First independent observation of the effect from microwave on lifeforms

Please keep Your critical thinking, microwaves are not good for You. Is 5G the cause of the so called coronavirus?

From my opinion, not exactly.
But when Your body get into a new invironment (Here in the form of microwave frequenzy / interval radiation) - It will try to adapt at the cost of energy and body/brain/signal etc.. functions - This will have an effect on the living body and will create a new kind of waste product - That can then be "tested" as a "new" virus.

What the medical industry normally refer to as a Virus is a form of waste product, created by a living body - In trying to adapt to the new invironment (eg. toxication) - It can of cause not handle overdoses of toxins eg. By injection - Just as Pasteur injected antrax into the brains of living dogs and the deadly symptoms of that poison, was by Pasteur called Rabies - A toxin created by bacteria in dying tissue - Do not get that stuff into your bloodstream.

These sick people, sick for fame - Public fame, fame for history or fame for their secret society. Are still here today, but with much more funding - Very dangerous.

Length: 1 hour

Creator: bitchute/Spacebuster

Nej, det er Fluor forgiftning - Tumper

Bier får hjerneskader af pesticider

Edit: Hvad siger de tests der er lavet med mikrobølger tæt op af bistader? Hvorfor tør ikke fortælle om disse tests?

Hvad med at ALLE såkaldte forsker-expert-professor-videnskabs-spassere - Simpelthen blev tvangs fordret med kemifabrikkens fluor foldige føde osv..

Åh nej - De har jo allerede indtaget fluor-drikkevand, fluor-tandpasta, fluor-skylning, fluor-pesticider, fluor-insekticider, fluor-fungicider, fluor-plast - osv... osv.. osv..

Måske det er præcis der problemet ligger - Alle er blevet hjerneskadet af fluor.

Sandheden er ilde hørt.



Nylonmanden - Kun 12 år for sent

Desværre er aktiklen beskyttet bagved betallingsmuren hos - Så Jeg kan ikke læse hele artiklen. Undersøgelse: Partikeludledning fra dieselbiler er langt større, end testmetoder viser


Det man kan læse er stort set ordret hvad Jeg skrev på's side for omkring 12 år siden, så dette er faktisk ikke en nyhed.

Problemet er bare at sandheden er ilde hørt, så ville ikke have jeg kommenterede om bla. Dette emne, Diesel Partikler. har da også slettet de fleste af mine indlæg, så de gamle debatter slet ikke giver nogen mening nu.




Can anyone please Debunk what this women has to say?

Ann Bressington, UN Agenda 21/30

Video length: 15 min.

Listen and learn.

To all you none believers in conspiracies, please go ahead and debunk the message in this video.

It's actually a video from 2013


OR a little shorter version

Crossing The Blood Brain Barrier - The Real Damage From Fluoride And Vaccine

Video Length: 1 Hour

Video by Dr. John Bergman


Fluorides will open the Blood Brain Barrier.

Got Fluorine? Well this got: Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Sarin gas (nerve gas). The list is very long.


I will also link to the worlds first public study of Fluorine compounds toxicity, by Kaj Roholm, from 1937 - The study was done because of many unexplained illness, death, birth defects, etc... Due to Denmark was using Cryolite to make Aluminium and this created a huge amount of Fluorine compounds.
The Initial research started because of unknown disease among workers at the Øresund Chemical Works, Copenhagen, was found in November 1932.