The World Of Gullible Idiots

As, H.C. Andersen wrote it in: There is no doubt about it.
The media, government, etc.. Are the story tellers.

What the Compromised Idiots of this world would like You to believe, is that Virus is Alive and spreading from this to that and so forth. At the same time, the same Idiots know, but hardly ever tell you that Virus is not a living organism - And at the same time, tell You, that a Virus cannot survive for a long time on postal letters.

And You are a bigger Idiot, if you believe all this nonsense.

Because, if it does not make sense, it is nonsense.


Name any so called Virus, that is not because of your body's environment!

Lets take the stupidness of what the Idiots call, Foot-and-mouth disease.

Ask first this: What will happens if you feed a living organism something, that set organism is not a costumed to (natural food) – For example, you feed a cow with dead cow-meat/bone/everything.

Do You think that a cow's normal natural food, is cow-meat and bone?

What happens with the cow's internal functions?

You are the Idiot, if You believe the authorities story, about a transmissible Virus.

Yes, the the word Virus, is a Latin word - Try translate it to your native language - It means poison/venom.

Is it possible for poison/venom to spread? Chlorinated water evaporate as Chlorine Gas - Small dose, but none the less, it is still a poison/venom for your body. Fluoridated water can also evaporate as a Gas.
This list is long, so in a sense, yes it can spread.

Small doses of poison/venom is still toxic for a living organism - Don't believe the stupidity! - The story goes that Napoleon ingested small doses of poison, so he would become immune - Oh the stupidity.

- That was just some of the food/water problems.

What happens to an animal, that naturally move around alot - But "farmers" force into a small confinement.

Are You being stupid again now?

So what about huge land areas with mono-culture, ffs - Look at nature and learn! - Why this Idiocrazy?

Wanna be god complex?

Meanwhile i clown world, You believe that second hand cigarette smoke is dangerous - Why? Oh so You know that the smoke contains Virus, oh for your sake, it contains poison/venom for living organism - But why did the manufactures add chemical poison to the tobacco?
Yes some plants also contain what is poison/venom for various living organisms - Should we eat them?

What? Are Your electric light frequency, good for You?

The latest poison/venom for living organisms are microwave technology - At various frequencies.

All man made frequencies are unhealthy for living organisms. Because of the exact interval, that of cause again is unnatural.

In a natural world, nothing is the same.

kind regards

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