Skyscratch - The Geoengineering / Chemtrail Cover Up (Full, HD)

skyscratch.jpg Skyscratch

Video about Geoengineering from 2014, still just as relevant and getting more and more relevant.
As you can see in this video the chemtrails are visible in the public weather radar images, if you look today at public weather radar images, the chemtrails is now being erased from the public radar images.

Video length: 55 min.

Video by: thepaulstalservice

So as the sky is getting sprayed aka. chemtrails, NOT contrails. They decrease the amount of sunlight coming to the surface of the earth, that will decrease water evaporation.
They create a hole in the normal naturally water evaporation.
This of course create another problem, no rainfall - So Human made water evaporation is needed to create rainfall.

Human made water evaporation is nicely presented by this youtube channel:

Where WSAC Wet Surface Air Coolers and other water evaporation "tools".

There exist a lot of these "tools",take a look at this drone video:

btw. If you think that changing/creating weather is impossible and have never been used, you may find the information in an unclassified US document from 1952 - YES - 1952, interesting.


FROM 1952

A little cut out text from the document linked:
“In 15 States west of the 95-degree W meridian (excluding Texas) about 550.000 square miles or 37 per cent of the total area of these states were under seeding contracts during 1951.”

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