Another Step Towards The Fascist Dictatorship

Another Step Towards The Fascist Dictatorship. By Philip Jones 14th June 2009.

Sindslidende skal tvinges til medicin.

The above headline relates to an article I read this morning on DR News Online. This article is duplicated below in Danish and English. Have a read and then we'll discuss the matter in more detail.

12. jun. 2009 23.52 Indland Opdat.: 12. jun. 2009 23.54

"Regeringen har et erklæret mål om at begrænse brugen af tvang mod psykisk syge borgere, skiver Politiken.

Alligevel vil regeringen have lægerne til med magt at sprøjte medicin ind i kroppen på sindslidende personer, der hverken har vrangforestillinger eller er indlagt på et hospital.

Det fremgår af et internt notat fra Sundhedsministeriet, der selv beskriver forslaget som "kontroversielt".

Den nye tvang skal sættes i værk, når en psykisk syg borger ikke vil behandles og derfor undlader at møde op på det distriktspsykiatriske center for at få medicin.

Så skal politiet køre til vedkommendes adresse og mod borgerens vilje bringe ham til et psykiatrisk hospital, hvor han bliver tvangsmedicineret."

Mentally Ill should be Forced To Take Medicine.
12. June 2009 23.52 Inland update.: 12 June 2009 23.54

"The Danish government has a stated goal to limit the use of coercion against mentally ill citizens writes Politiken.

Yet apparently, the government has instructed that doctors use force and coercion to inject medicine into the bodies of diagnosed mentally ill persons, not confined in hospital, whether they display such symptoms or not.

It appears to have come from an internal memo from the Ministry of Health, which itself describes the proposal as being "controversial".
The new rule will be implemented when a mentally ill citizen is due to be treated, but fails to turn up at the district psychiatric center to get his/her medicine.

The police will be given the power go to his/her  address and by force if necessary, remove him/her to a psychiatric hospital where he/she will be forcibly medicated."

We are living in dangerous times. Ever more we find governments taking responsibly for our own lives away from us. Here in Denmark, until recently, the concept of mandatory vaccinations or any form of coercion on the part of the State in most if not all areas of Danish life has been a moot point. The vast majority of Danes being either so compliant and trusting of their authorities, that they simply go along with whatever measure is presented to them, or so totally intimidated by the country's massive bureaucracy, that they just comply.
The recent HPV vaccination campaign was a resounding success here in Denmark; For Merck Pharmaceuticals that is. Not so for the tens of thousands of young girls whose chances of ever having children, have been seriously damaged by the poison that is Gardasil. In the UK and US, parents had been refusing in large numbers to allow their daughters to be inoculated, so the Fascist regimes in those countries have resorted to mandatory vaccination schemes.

But now, things are beginning to change here in Denmark. Many Danes have signed forms stating that in the event of their being confined in hospital for any illness that the Consulting surgeons consider incurable, and where their own condition prevents them from making a cognitive decision, then the medical `professionals` will make the decision for them; in line with the `living will` form previously signed by the patient, without any further consultation with family or next of kin and simply stop all treatment?
Let's be clear here, even though there might exist some piece of paper with the patients signature on it, this is State intervention at the most insidious level, and involuntary Euthanasia by another name.

What if the patient in question has had a change of mind, and had intended to rescind the mandate prior to the illness or accident, but hadn't got around to doing so? Having regretted signing the form, or what is called a `living will`, but being in no position to assert their wishes due to being comatose or whatever. Where is their protection? And what about the rights of loved ones?

And what about the Hippocratic Oath?

And now we have this most recent assault on our basic human rights. The Danish government is taking upon itself the right, by force if need be, to inject chemicals into people for a diagnosed mental illness, even though that person no longer displays the symptoms equated with such a condition. And who decides? Health professionals. And who do they answer to? The government. And who is the government hand in glove with? Big Pharma!!

The more injections the greater the profit, and what about the Police getting involved. How sinister is that?

Some will argue that the very reason that people in this type of situation no longer carry the symptoms is because they have been taking the medicine. But wait! Are they never to be free from being drugged?
A similar scenario is occurring with regard to Anti Depressants and teenagers. They are not allowed to cease the medication, without a doctor's say so. Even though there is no proven evidence that HAAD (Damp) exists, more and more teenagers are being diagnosed with it, and parents are being mislead throughout the process and ever more kept out of the loop altogether.
The more anti depressants prescribed, the greater the profit (and the more dumbed down and compliant the youth).

We are for some reason allowing this to happen. Too busy watching football, or Celebrity Big Brother or some other inane nonsense.

The State is removing our rights on a scale never before imagined possible. And we are complying, complying, complying.

No one has the right to stick needles and inject chemicals into another person's body without the consent of that person, or at least in the event of incapacity, that of an independent third person such as the next of kin. But we are not talking about that here. The people the government are targeting are able to speak for themselves.
Slice by slice, drip drip drip, they are taking away our very humanity, and still we do nothing. And ever more the rights of families are being eroded, replaced by the great all knowing `father` the State.
It's like the story of the wild pigs: 

You start by putting out food for them in the same spot every day. In a few weeks you put up one side of a fence. After they get used to eating next to the fence you put up a second, then a third. Finally you put up the last side with a gate. Eventually, without even realizing it, the pigs have become fenced in and dependent on you for their food and protection.

This business with governments taking the power over our bodies and our lives has to be stopped. If they can forcibly inject medicine into people who have a history of an illness, but no longer show the symptoms, and refuse the treatment, then the slippery slope will have been created, and somewhere down the line, we may find ourselves in a situation where they can mandate all manner of other measures including the installation of personal microchips.

Throughout the West. Governments are proposing mandatory vaccination schemes. Swine Flue is the `bogeyman` here. Italy is the latest in a long line of EU member states to bring the matter before parliament. When the EU mandates universal inoculation, Denmark will not be spared.

Unless we act now, we will find ourselves living in a horror state that will make Nazi Germany look like Disneyland.

And I'm not just talking about Denmark.


0 #1 Jean Bush 2009-06-15 01:43
They are talking mandatory nearly everything here, too. The Center for Disease Control here has now declared the swine flu a pandemic level 6. I read a comment to an article on it Friday that at this level, local officials can implement a "Force Majeure" clause meaning that in contracts containing such, both parties are freed from liabilities or obligations when extraordinary, or "Acts of God" circumstances prevent the parties from "properly" fulfilling their contractual agreements. This includes war, terrorism and whatever natural disasters, real or false flagged, happen.

Force Majeure, a very strange and powerful word. From the French - cas fortuit; Old Latin: - casus fortuitus. It strikes in all languages, Philip. No one can get away from it. And this "Force" will leave a trail of destruction behind it the likes of which we have never seen. And I fear most of us will be dragged along into it.

The banks here are now, by law, allowed to tap into and take what ever money they deem neccessary from the elderly's 401ks, Social Security, or other goverment pensions in order "repair" as it were, any accidental bounced checks or overdrafts that can occur in an account. These people are very old, Philip. They live from check to check, most of them. Many must decide between food or medicine. Even their pets go hungry at times. And they will not give them up, why should they? It's their only company and "family" they have left.

We are supposed to be the richest country in the world, but only for the rich, yes?
0 #2 Rene\ Descartes 2009-06-16 08:41
Thank you Philip, excellent script.
The term “psychology” means “science of the soul”
The term "psychiatry" means "doctoring of the soul."
The sad fact is they know absolutely nothing about the soul of mankind what-so-ever. And there is not even 1 hour of education in their university studies that try to explain what a soul is.
So psychologists and psychiatrists are all con-men, period.
They don’t believe or think that we have a soul or are souls.
They don’t know what a soul is? Or what the purpose of the soul is? Or where the soul comes from? Or where the soul will go too eventually? Those fools think that matter evolved into conscious awareness, when in reality conscious awareness created matter, just look at everything around you.
They think that we are all soulless, and we are not, but they are. They sold theirs to the devil, (Zionism) we didn’t.
Keep up the good work

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