To Kill A Tree: Part Two

By Philip Jones 28th May 2009.


`On the first Feminian Sandstones, we were promised the fuller life, which started by loving our neighbour, and ended by loving his wife. Till our women had no more children, and the men lost reason and faith, and the gods of the copybook heading read, “The Wages Of Sin Is Death.” `

Rudyard Kipling.

This article is about how the Illuminati, through a multitude of means and `methods` are engaged in a war against the rest of mankind. It is a war unlike any other in human history insomuch as it is being conducted without one of the sides in the conflict knowing about it. One of the major objectives in this war is the culling of the population, some say by as much as 80%. In this series of articles, I will attempt to show how it is being done, and why.


Contrary to what the Globalist Elite of the `Good Club` (see Part One) will have you believe, we are not threatened by overpopulation. We are now suffering from underpopulation. The US birthrate has been cut from 4 down to 2 children per woman, the European and Canadian is 1.5. (We need 2.2 just for replacement.) Russia will see its population plummet from 145 million to 115 million by 2015, and all the other Western nations face the same threat to their posterity. The West is looking down the barrel of a demographic catastrophe which has no precedent in human history, inasmuch as its population is seemingly opting for its own extinction, by its pursuit of a humanistic, hedonistic and sex- obsessed materialistic lifestyle, based on the insidious machinations of Masonic Luciferianism.


"Any society is free to choose either to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom. The evidence is that it can't do both for more than one generation." Anthropologist J.D. Unwin.


In this, the second part of `To Kill A Tree,` we will look at how the `Power` has used the women's movement to further its agenda, and how, in doing so, it has debased the feminine, alienated women from men, been instrumental in the collapse of the family, and been a major cause in the plummeting birth rate here in the West. We will look at the effects of contraception and abortion, and then, in the next in the series, examine how, on a global scale, women have been the victims of an all-out assault on their persons, via the use of propaganda, pharmaceuticals and other science-based methods which have brought them, mostly unwittingly, into the very eye of the Depopulation Agenda storm.


Feminism: Feminism and feminists have played a front-line role in the Illuminati's war against humankind. I think I must have been around twenty-three years of age and fresh out of the military when I began to realize that Feminism had very little to do with women's rights. Instead, it appeared to me, even back then, to have more to do with population control. One of the most obvious results of societies adopting feminist ideals is a decline in the birthrate. In 1990 author Katerina Runske wrote a book entitled `Empty Hearts and Empty Homes,` in which she addressed the inevitable result of the feminist's anti-male anti-marriage rhetoric, along with a damning indictment on abortion: "Feminism is a Darwinian blind alley. In biological terms, there is nothing that identifies a maladaptive pattern so quickly as a below replacement level of reproduction. An immediate consequence of feminism is what appears to be an irreversible decline in the birthrate. Nations pursue feminist policies at their peril."


With the advent of the welfare state and the promise of a `cradle to grave` social security net, children were no longer regarded as a necessary insurance against want and need in old age. If women earned enough to to gain financial independence, then marriage was no longer essential. And, with contraception made freely available, along with the ever-present backup of abortion waiting in the wings, the modern feminist could behave as immorally as she wished, have as much sex as she wanted, and avoid all those unnecessary complications of being a wife and mother. By `liberating` women and consequently men of the burden of family, the `Illuminists` have in essence made the family redundant. Families as we knew them have begun to disappear and when they go, our civilisation goes with them.


In his article `The Devil's Work,` Henry Makow writes: ` Feminism fits the elite's depopulation agenda. Since 1963, when "The Feminine Mystique" was published we have experienced an unprecedented breakdown in the family. More than half of all children are now born out of wedlock; the number of single parent households has tripled. Reproduction requires the most delicate care. In the case of human beings, the female must be prepared for motherhood and honored for her contribution to society. The male must be shown that the standard of manhood is to provide leadership and sustenance for mother and children. Both mother and father must be able to give their children intellectual and spiritual guidance. Instead, in schools and universities, the tender shoots of feminine sexuality are crushed under the feminist jackboot. Young women are taught that heterosexual sex, marriage and family are inherently oppressive. Homosexuality on the other hand is an act of rebellion that is "chic" and "normal." Friedan's comparison of mothers with the concentration camp inmates is pertinent. Betty Friedan, agent of the elite cabal, has put mothers in the concentration camp. Mothers!? The ultimate aim is genocide. The Elite want the world's population to be much smaller. Can there be any question that this is the devil's work?` 


In the sixties, something fundamental occurred which altered the way women viewed their lives and degraded in them the desire to be wives and mothers. That something was `Second Wave Feminism` inspired by the likes of Communists Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, along with the editor of `Cosmopolitan` magazine, Helen Gurley Brown and Britain's Germaine Greer, all coordinated by the CIA and provably bought and paid for by the Rockerfeller Foundation (see Henry Makow's Book `The Cruel Hoax` and the links below). With a new generation hitting the university campuses, these Marxist demagogues in disguise had a fresh and naive crop of young women to mold and manipulate. All restraint seemed to collapse, and a `new` unbiblical gauge for measuring morality appeared in order to justify the explosion in promiscuity and immorality.


Women, having been told by the demagogues that they were `slaves` in their own homes, chose en masse to sell themselves to employers instead, who then used them as little more than `wage slaves` or mere commodities. Rather than fulfill their divinely appointed mission as wives and mothers, both loved and cherished by their husbands and children, women today have been guided into turning their backs on all that was once considered rich and rewarding in exchange for pandering themselves to the `gods` of the marketplace.


In `The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State,` Marx and Engels wrote: " The first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex into public industry and this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society." It is no coincidence that global capitalism today views women as units of production, liberated from husbands, family and home in exactly the same terms as did the two fathers of Communism.


In his article `When men become women and women become men,` the Danish writer Kjeld Heising writes: “The modern career woman is labour - flexible, change ready, committed and willing to learn. A resource to be utilised, compliant, fitting in easily wherever needed, ready to share a desk with both men and women. As such, she has become the `worker ant` for the global market.”


Contrary to what the `High Priestesses` of Feminism have been propagating for decades, their ideology has not liberated women. It has enslaved them completely. The role of the modern career woman appears to me more akin to that of a `serf,` a `bondwoman,` tied to the state through her taxes, and to her employer through her labour. Somewhere in between, if married, she juggles her remaining `freedoms` between her often neglected husband and her children, parents, and what friends and leisure pursuits she has time for. True freedom is about having control over one's life; the freedom to pursue personal fulfillment through love, joy, creativity and a sense of familial duty. Slaves are there to work! Mothers are free and nurturing souls.

Feminism has caused a huge fracture in society. Young women are kept busy with their education and careers, and they content themselves with the illusion, that there awaits for them, once they have proved that they can be all that they can be, a life of excitement, romance, husband and children. They can have it all, they are told. But it's a marketplace illusion. Many are in reality destroying any chance they may have of finding true happiness through love, marriage and family, by their casual and often promiscuous sexual behavior and their disrespect for themselves and their bodies.

Young men today are also occupied with their education and career and unfortunately all too often treat women in the same way they do other consumer products: a commodity to be consumed and discarded. They too may also have some far-off non committal idea of someday having a family, but it doesn't run so deeply, and is low down on their list of priorities. Having a good time is the main thing. Most seem to accept their newfound socio-political impotence, and due to an uncertainty of what their role in the great scheme of things is, content themselves with a life of hedonistic irresponsibility. Those who are politically conscious, and there aren't that many, lay the full blame for their emasculation on women, and they hate them for it.. This does not a fruitful generation make.

Henry Makow, in his book `The Cruel Hoax,` explains that Feminism was created in order to destabilise society and create dysfunctional people. Feminism working indirectly on social norms creates isolation, rootlessness, breaks down communities, and denies our nature as men and women. It has been fatal where families and reproduction are concerned. Few if any young women today place a very high priority on being wives and mothers. For years before I had any knowledge of the `Depopulation Agenda,` I had been able to equate the decline in the birth rates here in the West with the so-called `women's movement.` Now I see it for what it truly is: A form of `Final Solution` to what the Illuminati term `the population problem.` But for the moment, let us continue to unravel the Feminist `ball of string.`


Feminists demanded the same `rights` as men. But nature designed men and women differently and a solution to the reproductive issue had to be found. Enter the contraceptive pill, or as Pat Buchanan terms it, `The Suicide Pill Of The West.` First licensed in 1960, 43% of married American women were using it by 1970.


On its website, the UN Population Fund states: `Forty years after oral contraceptives were first introduced on May 9, 1960, more than 100 million women rely on them, making them the most popular contraceptive method in 78 of 150 surveyed countries, according to a new report from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Outside of China and India, the pill is the most popular contraceptive method, used by some 12% of married women, according to the latest issue of Population Report, the quarterly journal published by the Johns Hopkins Population Information Program. (In China and India family planning programs have emphasized long-term or permanent methods.) Outside Eastern Europe and Asia, an estimated 36% of sexually active unmarried women in developed countries use this method. (For country-by-country statistics on oral contraceptive use, see link`  


Abortion: As the article on the site ( , that inspired this series maintains, there are now annually 46 million abortions carried out worldwide. For those Danish readers out there, that's the equivalent of 9.2 Denmark's being killed each year. This makes abortion by far the most common and oft performed surgical procedure in modern medicine. It was in 1973 that the landmark case known in US legal history as Roe v Wade opened the floodgates that have lead us to this most deplorable situation, where innocent human life is regarded as disposable. I do not argue that there are circumstances where abortion may be the only humane recourse, such as in rape cases where the victim falls pregnant. But we have now reached the point where abortion is considered a `failsafe` or a backup to the `Pill` and, what's more, it is being encouraged and used as a major weapon in the global war against populations, causing the wholesale slaughter of the most vulnerable members of our species.


What has made Western women so hostile to the idea of being mothers? Thankfully, when I was born in 1958, in what was regarded back then as a state of illegitimacy, abortion was still regarded not only as a crime, but as a gross act of immorality, otherwise you might not be reading this article. Yet fifteen years later, the US Supreme Court ruling which declared abortion a constitutional right was extolled as a landmark in social progress.


Today, to be `pro life` is regarded by most where I live, at least, as being reactionary and, in the case of a man, sexist. Yet the need to procreate is mankind's most intrinsic and basic instinct, which the Illuminist-backed Feminists and their full entourage of fellow travellers are interfering with; and, as we supposedly `progress ' into this 21st century, we are treading upon very thin ice indeed. To deny our God-given nature, to turn our back on all that is moral and decent is a slippery slope towards oblivion.


A Woman's Right? Recently I read an emotive story in a British newspaper which caused a very disturbed reaction within me, as it told of a fifteen-year-old girl who had an abortion. The poignant handwritten diary entry in its childish, rounded letters says it all: ‘I had my termination.` . Then in brackets underneath: “[killed my baby].` Through these few words, one can only guess at the turmoil in the mind of this young girl as she struggled to come to terms with what she had done. After noting the event in the impersonal jargon used by the professionals who handled her case, she revealed in simple terms how it actually felt to her. Not a ‘termination,’ but the killing of her baby. Tragic as this was, the really appalling thing was her isolation from her parents. In need of parental guidance and support more than at any time in her life, she had been effectively abandoned to make this decision and cope with its aftermath on her own.


For the doctors who dealt with her had not told her parents on the grounds of ‘patient confidentiality.’ The girl, frightened of what they might say, had said she didn’t want to tell her mother. So her GP, who took a mere 15 minutes to see her, simply referred her on to the hospital which carried out the abortion. The first her mother knew of what had happened was when she read the entry in her daughter’s diary. What have we come to when a girl barely out of childhood herself can have an abortion, a procedure with huge physical, emotional and moral ramifications, without the advice and care of her parents, because they have been deliberately kept in ignorance of what is happening?

On every count, this incident illustrates either a widespread breakdown of responsibility, care and common sense, or a deliberate severing of `roots` by disconnecting the girl from her parents. It also shows how far we have allowed the now commonplace practice of abortion to degrade our own sensibilities. An abortion is traumatic for any woman, let alone a child. It is an event of great significance and difficulty, requiring a balance to be struck between the needs of the mother and respect for the early life she is carrying. When that mother is herself effectively a child, it takes on a further dimension altogether.

Under UK law, a girl under 16 years of age can have an abortion without her parents’ consent, if her GP thinks she is mature enough to make the decision herself. That means understanding the moral, social and emotional implications of what she is about to do. But the teenager’s behaviour in this case illustrates what should be blindingly obvious to anyone with an ounce of compassion or common sense, that such young girls are too immature to make decisions of this kind. The girl has since commented that if her mother had been told, she might have kept the baby. I cannot help but wonder if there is a conspiratorial aspect to this. Are doctors, when dealing with such matters, aware that there is a hidden conspiracy at the very top to encourage women to choose abortion, or under instruction to bear in mind that if a patient's parents are fully involved in the process, there is more likelihood of the unborn child being kept alive and any planned abortion cancelled?

The girl's parents in this particular case are understandably distraught. As the mother says, she was expected to be by her daughter’s side when she had her tonsils out. Yet when it came to an abortion, with its momentous physical and emotional consequences, she and the girl’s father were deliberately kept out of the loop. They would have supported their daughter if she had decided to have the baby. But instead, says her mother, she herself was made to feel ’so useless’ as a parent. And indeed, one of the worst aspects of this whole business is the undermining of parental responsibility. Although they remain legally responsible for their children’s welfare, parents are seeing their rights taken away and given to their children instead. This deliberately severs a child from her parents by telling her, in effect, that she is now grown-up enough to do without them.

Behind all of this lies the totalitarian Marxist mindset and the belief that children are now in truth the property of the State; and that officialdom knows better than parents how to deal with their children. Instead of parents providing guidance and support, that role is to be performed instead by agents of the State. In so doing, they replace parental values by their own belief system, and move us ever closer to Huxley's vision of a Brave New World.

`To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.` Alexander Solzhenitzyn.

Measuring Success: How many ardent feminists, I wonder, will read the above and say, “It was all worth it and there are always casualties in war.” Make no mistake about it, feminism is not about `women's rights.` It is a war against God, nature, the family and men. Identicality, not equality, is the goal, and they are more than halfway there if present Western societies are the gauge by which success in this war is to be measured.

To be `pro choice` on abortion is today almost the defining mark of the modern woman. Many Feminists regard the phrase `women's liberation` as meaning liberation from all things traditional, including a woman's appearance, along with what they see as being the unrewarding and male-imposed roles of wife and mother. Margaret Sanger, the Feminist `birth mother` of  Planned Parenthood and a virulent eugenicist, wrote before the second world war that “ the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is kill it.” Sanger is an icon of Feminism, and was an open and vocal admirer of Hitler's eugenics program. It is a recorded fact that the eugenics movement was born in the US and in Great Britain, long before Hitler grabbed power in Germany, and, following the end of the war, simply went home again in the shape of the organisation; Planned Parenthood.

The Collapse Of Morality : The above example of the chaos caused to a young life by the breakdown in the moral order should be reason enough for the reader to stop and look around his or her self and ask the question: “How did we come to this point?” They say you can judge a tree by its fruit. I think it fair to say that the fruits of our new `humanist` lifestyle are very poisonous.

What people consider right and wrong can be more properly determined by how they live their lives than by what they say they believe. That being the case, the old Christian moral order appears mortally wounded. I grew up in a working-class environment back in the sixties and seventies, when divorce was still to a great extent considered a scandal. Cohabitation was looked down upon, abortion thought abhorrent and homosexuality deplored. Today, half of all marriages end in divorce, `relationships` come and go and, to quote Pat Buchanan, “The love that dare not speak its name won't shut up.”

The collapse of marriage and marital fertility appears to be due to a long-term shift away from Christianity and the values it affirms, towards a militant and secular individualism focused on the self. With promiscuity running amok, divorce the norm, the proliferation of pornography and tax payer-funded abortion on a massive scale, (barely considered newsworthy), the world predicted by Pope Paul VI in 1968 in his `Humanae Vitae` is upon us. In his encyclical, the Pope envisioned four consequences of what he termed the `contraceptive mindset`:

1. Widespread infidelity and a lowering of morality.

2. Women would cease to be man's respected and beloved companion, and serve only as an instrument of his selfish enjoyment.

3. It would place a dangerous weapon in the hands of the state, which took no heed of moral exigencies.

4. The treatment of people as mere objects and unborn children akin to a disease to be prevented, resulting in the dehumanisation of the species.

I think it fair to say, as the sad example given above depicts very well, that the Pope's vision was close to prophetic. Our society seems to be progressively stripping out the human-ties of family and parents, trust and responsibility, authority and dependence, and replacing them with an impersonal bureaucracy that seeks to regulate, licence and ultimately control human relationships and what they produce. Throughout history, the surest defence against state control of our personal lives has been the family unit. Slice by slice, this is being dismembered and its roots are being severed.

Ref: `The Death Of The West` by Patrick J. Buchanan

`The Cruel Hoax` by Henry Makow. RU-486 - The Abortion Pill.


0 #1 Patricia Ress 2009-05-29 20:39
BRILLIANT! And, unfortunately, true! This fellow from Texas that I am writing about that was the psychic that found Chandra Levy’s body and claims to have been visited by Jesus, Mary, and God has said that God told him he would end the world if abortion did not cease! This is serious spiritual stuff. We are in a battle now-the greatest battle ever-for our very souls!-Patricia
0 #2 Pervaiz Jamal 2009-05-29 20:42
I does not take a genius to see that the world we live in is in the grip of Shaytani. This is a very profound piece of writing, which unfortunately goes against the flow of modern thinking. I fear that unless we wake up and quickly, which I doubt will happen. We are in for a very hard time. Very excellent.
0 #3 Rene\ Descartesr 2009-05-29 20:50
[smiley=think] Spot on again, thank you.
What the illuminati do with the media, social, political and financial life to the people in this world, they do to our spiritual life (moral life) as well. Look how succesful they have been, Most of Europe is now heathen, and happy about it. They think that they decent from the apes, and mostly act as such.
However that is not true.
There are no problems with overpopulation, the more people on earth, the more brains to solve the problems.
it is the problem of excess ownership that create the problems, and the illuminati are the ones that have the excess. When people have more than they need for a full and healthy life in freedom and happiness, while still being responsible and harmless, then they have excess and are harmfull to the rest. now that we know that, what are we going to do about it?
0 #4 KS 2009-05-31 14:54
Hello Philip,

I read the new postings on Rense and your site. The bottom line though is these bastards want us dead and in short order. The amount of closed mindedness and naivety out there is amazing mong the masses. I really do feel like screaming sometimes and sometimes I do.... The so called educated ones around me just do not see it! The agenda is obvious with a little digging. The thing is they do not want to dig and find the truth. I say to these people and they do not like it believe me, that one day you will go to bed and when you wake up the world will be in your face, jackbooted and 'completely' fascist.

I mean to say Philip, these bastards are just gearing up for the big finale mate and we are the main course on that platter. I look around at the wonderful natural world we live in and think of all the fantastic possibilities we have to make this world better. The harnessing of nuclear power, electric maglev trains that travel at 400 kph, water irrigation for Africa, India,China anywhere.... through the use of nuclear powered desalination plants. What do we get from the bastards; windmills that could not produce enough power to desalinate my urine.....

The Human Being is being and has been dumbed down for eons mate and it is time to reclaim our right in the universe as a keeper of the heritage of Human civilization on a distant outpost on the edge of a galaxy amongst billions of galaxies. We are in one, the best thing that happened in nature and also it's greatest nightmare to boot! If we do not wake up soon collectively then we shall be doomed to extinction and exterminate every other form of life too and at our own hand. The greater part of Humanity must take the lead and break the tyranny of perpetual war and debt. Everything I see is designed to dumb us down, destroy us and not ask why? Green fascist issues, dehumanization, deindustrialization, depopulation.... all as you eloquently put is an AGENDA UNDER WAY AS I WRITE!

The universe is there to be discovered and principles are there to be formulated by the thinking of the Human mind.... for the betterment of mankind! The alarm clock of posterity MUST begin to sound soon or even NOW because we are losing our way.....

My very best to you Philip

take care Brother
0 #5 Bill 2009-05-31 17:50
Your meticulous research and detailed examples should easily open the eyes of many, perhaps even the "Human Resources"/"Hellth Services" personnel in our Marxist government facade countries and Fascist corporate veiled slave shops. How does this satanic, malignant insidiousness allow them/us to accept our electrical like magnetization to the MONEY, "THE CURRENTcy"? Money is the electrical control mechanism in this electric universe whereby we feudal serfs "charge" and "discharge" our debts through this life. The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, instituted by Christ to give grace (the real electricity) are so simple that a child can understand them. But satan and his demons always attack the well meaning and sometimes best among God's children and seduces them into perversions and thus the tail of the Church ends up wagging the dog and all the good that would come to families and our youngsters is thus muted by a perverted cancerous satanic minority from within.
Despite Hubbard being a Free Mason, get rich by starting a "cultist" re-legion, anti psychiatry whatever, his material has a grace like theme. The Scientologists only want to take money from those that can afford it and thus supposedly build a better world against evil. Why else would they always have been under such attack by the US IRS, Germany and France? But I fear they too, as all man's organizational attempts have been fully infiltrated by satanists. Anyway, a very conscientious Scientologist friend of mine told me to trap a thetan (their view of humans as soul beings) the evil beings us electrical devices, hence our rapid technological advances that are furthering the coming of the chip implants, whether overtly, or as now may be the case, through covert nano insertions via chemtrails?
Working as an internal systems auditor in both NY State and various large and small corporations it was obvious that almost no one could see the top of the pyramid and simply toiled away like bots. My personally perceived contributions of saving millions of taxpayer/corporate dollars and improving "the system" eventually became the cancer that I survived when I left to become an entrepreneur. Then I became the succulent host of the parasitic state that really channels tax dollars to pay the usurious interest (referred to as "juice" which is very electrical, eh?) to descendants of Sanhedrin/Babylonian bankers such as Jesus caste out from the temple. Or perhaps to become the prey of larger fascist corporations that would compete me out or swallow me up and spit me out into an illusive supposed monetary paradise.
My journey has been very disheartening in that fighting the forces of evil is an extremely draining path. We all have our crosses to carry, but seeing the disheartening despair in the truth of your articles only gives us the recharged electrical force of Christ's love and redemption.
LOVE, particularly family love, and personal and family PRAYER WILL OVERCOME MONEY, DISEASE, SLAVERY AND SIN. It is OUR SOULS THAT MATTER, NOT THIS ILLUSION BEING PERPETRATED BY satan. Perhaps Icke is right about the illusion? I don't recall if he attributes it to the reptilians (demons)? But it is Christ's love (grace) that will electrocute the satanic illusions. Nuclear will seem like fire crackers compared to the love power of Christ and the Father.
Sorry for the diatribe, but I am a James Joyce "stream of consciousness" type of guy.
0 #6 Jean Bush 2009-06-03 11:25
Dear Philip,

I'm sorry to take so long to get back to you on this; time just got away from me and have been a bit tired.

During the early 60's, when rebellion against society and birth control took the desires for marriage and family out of women's hands and replaced them with implanted hypnotic commands to be "free" from men's "oppression" and a desperation to be equal to men in economic, social and sexual strata, women lost their inherited and rightful freedom to be loved and protected by their men, and instead became combatant with them in the ever downward, and never to be resolved, spiral of "equal rights" and sexual "freedom", only to realize, too late, they have traded honesty and love for a secret and chilling despair. A cold companion indeed, in the dark hours of the night.

Because men have been taught by the very women they should be loving, that to be equal to them, women have had to become pretend men. Throughout history, women have been the great builders of civilization, rising men from their common brutality to the sublime.

Now women, in order to be like men, and that's what this equality really means, must decend into that common brutality that centuries of tradition and love, now looked down upon, suddenly say is the oppression of themselves. Swearing, coarse behavior and a sneering comtempt for simple civility, has brought women even lower than men, and has made life in these modern times a wearying battle for that lovely, lost distinction that made women beautiful and men their heroes.

0 #7 Guy Reid-Brown 2009-06-03 12:50
Pervaiz put it precisely when he stated 'This is a very profound piece of writing, which unfortunately goes against the flow of modern thinking.' Right now, Philip, I do think you are the best writer on this topic. Also, it is heartening to read all the comments from other people here, they are ALL valuable.

Re: Scientology, Bill; I would have to point out that unfortunately it was bad from the beginning, it didn't need infiltrating. I suggest reading the book 'Bare faced Messiah.' Hubbard was an already an experienced Satanist pre Scientology (see the Babalon working with Jack Parsons) and Scientology was an extension of the process he was embarked on.
0 #8 Guy Reid-Brown 2009-06-03 17:03
Whoops! Kommentar af Deltager • 03-06-2009 10:50:57

That was me - my name is not Deltager

-* Name fixed, by Admin *-
0 #9 Deltager 2009-06-22 13:25

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