To Kill A Tree. Part One

By Philip Jones 26th May 2009.


The saying goes thus : "To kill a tree, sever its roots`, or as the Russian philosopher Alexander Solzhenitzyn put it : "To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots", and that is precisely what has been done to our societies here in the West. How does one sever a people's roots? First you destroy its memory of itself through rewritten history, then you depopulate it.

The Usual Suspects:

Two days ago on May 26th, the Times Online published a report entitled “Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation. America's richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a 'disastrous' environmental, social and industrial threat”.
The article went on to say that:

Some of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education. The philanthropists who attended a summit convened on the initiative of Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change. Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.”

Many of you reading this will be familiar with the term `Depopulation Agenda.' I had already begun composing this article when the above story hit the headlines, which makes what I am about to write all the more relevant and necessary. There is a wealth of information out there on this subject, and here in this article I can only begin to `scratch the surface` of what is a deeply involved and complex aspect of the plan for a `New World Order.` In this and the essays which follow, I shall attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together, join the dots if you will, and illustrate how many diverse and seemingly unconnected factors are in fact interlinked, and are being used by a nefarious cabal of Luciferians, of which the above named `Philanthropists` are most certainly members, in order to cull a large percentage of the global population.

A day or so back, I was skimming through the headlines on Rense when one in particular grabbed my attention. It read "Annually 46 Million Abortions Worldwide” (Annually-46-million-abortions-worldwide-Catholic-Church) . The sheer scale of this legalised and socially accepted mass murder of innocents is bewildering and difficult to consume. In all of nature, no other animal intentionally destroys its young in this way and in such overwhelming numbers.

Although now global in scale, this destructive trend has been accelerating here in in the West since the 1960's, and combined with a plethora of other methods all intended to reduce human reproduction, has resulted in a below-replacement level birthrate in all the so-called developed nations. In Europe, for instance, only Muslim Albania is reproducing itself. The question begs to be asked, why are Western women having fewer children than their mothers or often now none at all ? Women in the West have had access to contraception for many decades, and also to legal abortion for over thirty years, but unlike Chinese women, they have the choice. No law compels them to abort their unborn offspring. Yet these women are terminating their pregnancies at a rate which Senator Patrick James Buchanan, in his book, `The Death Of The West,` rightly terms `Autogenocide.` 

So why are children no longer valued as they once were? What brought about this paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of men and women, to turn their backs on their own posterity? As I have written above, in this and the following articles I will attempt to prove my assertions that there is a deliberate culling of the global population underway, and that a Cabal of Luciferians known as the Illuminati is responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of innocents, and for the wreckage that we term human civilisation.

In this first part, we will look at the cold reality of the demographic situation along with the intentional undermining of western culture.

The Demographics:

The `Old World` is dying. Its nations have seemingly `given up the ghost` and ceased reproducing. Now, in this first decade of the 21st
Century, the traditional
genetic makeup of the populations in Europe, America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have stopped growing and are in steep decline. In Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Russia, there are now more burials than births.

In 1960, people of European Ancestry accounted for a quarter of the earth's population, numbering around 750 million of the 3 billion alive at the time. While the global population has since then more than doubled, Europeans and their overseas cousins have stopped reproducing sufficiently to ensure continuation of their line. The forecast is not pretty either. In `The Death Of The West,`we read that between now and mid-century, the world population will grow to over 9 billion people, but this 50% increase will come entirely from Asia, Africa and South America while, at the same time, 100 million people of European Stock will vanish unreplaced.. Put another way, as the West declines, the population in the developing world adds 100 million people every fifteen months. That's like forty more Mexicos  by 2050, while in Europe alone, the equivalent of Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Germany will have ceased to exist.

Western peoples today constitute only a sixth of the global populace, and, by 2050, this figure is expected to be closer to one tenth. As Pat Buchanan writes, “These are the statistics of a vanishing race.”

The Western nations and Europe in particular are facing a stark and unpleasant mathematical reality. If we accept that the likelihood of Western women developing a desire to have large families is zero, and we wish to maintain the current ratio of around 4.8 workers for every senior citizen, then the choice lies between ever higher taxation, or massive immigration from the developing world on a culturally destructive scale. Either option will change the way we and our children (if we have any) live in perpetuity.

The Secret War:

And ye shall be left few in numbers, whereas ye were as the stars of heaven for multitude; because thou wouldst not obey the voice of the Lord thy God.” Deuteronomy XXVIII : 28 KJV.

For decades now, demographers have been warning of an impending demographic disaster in the `developed world,` but there haven't been too many ready to listen. Western governments, even though fully aware of the catastrophe approaching their nations, have either hidden the facts from their people, or downplayed the forecasts as being exaggerated or even erroneous. But we have now reached that point in time where the mathematics speak for themselves.

In 2007, the United Nations casually proclaimed the seemingly inevitable `Death of the West` which it expected to occur by mid century: "The world population is expected to grow by 3 billion more by 2050, the UN Population Division reports. Africa and Asia will be the home of almost all the world's people, with Europe dwindling to a tiny minority. In 2050, 90% of the world's population will live in the Third World ... the population of Africa is expected to triple in the next 50 years."

Many here in the West reading this will perhaps breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to a time without overcrowded cities and traffic jams. They will reason that since they do not live in the Third World but in Europe, North America, Australia etc. that the issue does not concern them. But it does, and the former UN Population Division director Joseph Chamie outlined why in graphic detail when the 2001 report was first published:

"The policies of Europe will have to change, since it will have to pay for the costs of this population growth and cannot be allowed [emphasis added]not to share its wealth with the growing number of poor in the world. Chamie noted that there will be declining countries which become dependent on migrants to sustain their economy. ... In 1950, Europe was 22% of the world population, Africa 8%. In 2050, Africa will be three times as populous as Europe. Without accelerated migration, by 2003, total European population will start its final, catastrophic contraction. By 2050, the population of Ukraine is expected to fall by 40%, Russia by 27%, and Italy by 25%."

The European Commission joined in with its own `doomsday` statement when it appealed for an end to the 'fortress Europe' policy and encouraged Europeans to embrace racial pluralism and admit a controlled flow of legal immigrants each year. The German Institute of Economic Research has warned Germans that the country will have to accept a major increase in immigration if it hopes to avoid a crippling long‐term labor shortage. It said that net immigration would soon have to be pegged at more than 600,000 annually.

Most of us have learned in schools and universities that World War II was fought in the cause of democracy, liberalism, and equality. But since the end of that most terrible of human events, another war has been raging, not against any great military adversary, but against humankind in general and the people of the West in particular.

Almost immediately after hostilities ceased, a massive program of  "re‐education" was imposed on the victors and the victims alike. The public and social institutions of the Western world, now firmly controlled by the architects of "equality," began a campaign of social engineering that laid waste to the cultural awareness of Europeans and their cousins abroad. In this new campaign, there was no neutral territory. Nothing escaped its merciless `scorched earth` policy. No aspect of our history, culture, or science was left untouched, or not twisted and turned inside out by the proponents of "democracy, liberalism, and equality."

Our self appointed inquisitors taught us that there was not a single achievement of our culture and people that was worthy of being left in situ. In this all‐out onslaught against Western consciousness, the so called "moral authorities" enlisted the support of our youth and turned them against us. In London, the premier Illuminati agency of human manipulation and control, the Tavistock Institute, in concert with the Intelligence Agencies and the Frankfurt School's Marxist `thinkers` instigated the student revolts of the 1960's, which dealt a series of fatal blows to Western culture. Bombarded with Cultural Marxist Neo-Communist ideas, pseudo‐psychology  (based on the Kabbalah), Eastern New Age spirituality and adolescent idealism, a generation of Western youth rebelled against the "establishment" and joined ranks with the enemies of our people ‐‐ all supposedly in the cause of "democracy, liberalism, and equality." The impact of this `movement`, which rejected virtually all our Christian values, on the Western world cannot be overemphasized.

The sixties generation began what Antonio Gramsci, a pre-war Italian Marxist whose radical anti-western ideas had by then been externalised in society, termed the " Long March Through the Institutions”. It is the descendants of this generation who having seized all the major positions of social influence, have knowingly and willingly directed and controlled the Auto genocide  being perpetrated against their own people.

Destroy the family and you destroy society." Lenin.

One of the primary tenets of Marxism is the eradication of the nuclear family, and it is no coincidence that a major thrust of the `sixties cultural revolution` was directed against the family, the very soul of nations and communities. Subsequently, all aspects of that traditional and most natural core of the human condition have been attacked and vilified throughout all avenues of education and information. Can anyone remember the last time they saw a film which extolled marriage and family values? Make no mistake here, all the ridicule, derision and hatred directed towards matrimony and child‐rearing was and is a major part in the play called `The Depopulation Agenda`. It is irrefutable that our present sorry condition in which women reject motherhood, children often know only one parent, and only homosexuals it seems are attracted by marriage, was carefully prepared by the engineers who planned and plotted their long‐term strategy for the culling of our population. Destroy the nucleus of society, and society will fall apart.

Destroy The Culture.

They told us that after centuries of imperialism and colonialism by European powers, the non‐White peoples have accumulated so many grievances that we supposedly have a "moral obligation" for turning over vast proportions of our wealth to them by means of foreign aid. The reasoning is that our high standard of living only came into being due to the "manifold crimes" our ancestors allegedly perpetrated against the rest of mankind. The paradox to this is that without an ever increasing influx of immigrant labour into our countries, due to the calamitous drop in the birth rate here in the West, our bloated welfare systems will all but collapse in the near future. Unless we experience some form of miraculous turnaround and soon, the only way by which our taken for granted high standard of living can be sustained is by the contributions of immigrants from the Third World.

But there is counter side to this. As ever more people from vastly different cultures to our own arrive, set up home and form communities of their own, our own way of life becomes diluted. Many in the West have grave misgivings regarding what amounts to a human tidal wave crashing upon our shores. Yet our politicians seem totally impotent, or even negligent in finding a solution and persist in what they tell us to believe is the only recourse available to them: Mass Immigration. Any questioning, request for open debate or opposition to this "reasoning" is summarily dismissed and denounced as "racism and bigotry." Several European countries, plus Canada, have even penalized the public expression of disagreement to "diversity" ‐‐ just like Jean Raspail predicted in his 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints.

Survival Of The Fittest?

If we accept that the thesis of  `Natural Selection` provides for the survival of those who struggle for it, not for those who take it for granted. That immigrants seize the opportunities provided to them is both reasonable and understandable. The evil lies not with those coming here to seek a better life, but with those eternal adversaries of humankind, the Luciferian Illuminists, who have planned, orchestrated and also seemingly conditioned the European race into mild acceptance of it's own its extinction. They, the schemers and movers behind the scenes, have declared war on us, as we in the West were seen as the biggest obstacle to their plans. In her 1979 pamphlet,`A World Coup Is Planned,` Dr. Kitty Little writes: 

By 1963, the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination had provided for the massive movements of population that would in turn provide for the interbreeding of culturally incompatible peoples, and for the positive discrimination against the native populations of European decent who were considered to be the greatest obstacle to their plans. A parallel UNESCO Convention against `discrimination` in education had provided the impetus for race, sex, parentage, local and national loyalties and all denominations of religion as well as ability, to be regarded as forms of `discrimination` and therefore to be abolished. Children were deemed to have a `human right` to be protected from religious indoctrination. All this, in addition to the encouragement of oral contraceptives (that lead to physical, mental and moral degeneration), vasectomy, drug abuse, and the current fashion for genetic engineering with artificial insemination and `test tube` babies, was designed for the debasing of the white race”.

It is the Illuminists, in utter thrall as they are to their `Dark Lord,` who have plotted the demise of Western man. After two fratricidal wars that pitched European nation against European nation, both instruments in their own way of driving humanity towards world government, they then turned on the civil populations of the west by manipulating the decline in birthrates. They achieved their goals within the space of barely half a century, using a multitude of means (to be dealt with more fully later), thereby creating the situation where it is now necessary for the nations of the West to import huge numbers of immigrants in order to maintain the greatest means of ensuring human dependency ever invented: the Welfare State!

Payback Time?

The great majority of immigrants who arrive at the borders of the West do so looking for a better life for themselves and their families. But there are among them a small minority of politically motivated stooges, mesmerised by carefully crafted stories at home of past colonial oppression, all carefully calculated to instill as much resentment as possible, creating a form of "reverse colonialism." They do not come looking for "democratic freedoms" ‐‐ they come for plunder and pillage (in a manner of speaking). The First World is attractive to the Third World for one reason only: our out of control materialism and consumerism. Our middle‐class standard of living appears, to such people, a luxurious lifestyle they can only dream of, and they reason: why shouldn't they get a `piece of the pie` too?

About 90% of all illegal immigrants who pour into Western nations do so to escape poverty. However, in effect they are bringing their own poverty with them. Harvard economist George Borjas writes that "the present wave of immigrants is less educated and at an income level lower than was the case of previous immigrants." ...

The net effect, he says, is that we are currently
"importing poverty.” With the economic and social conditions in the Third World deteriorating ever more, and the United Nations calling on the Western countries to open their borders, immigration into the First World will become an avalanche in the future and will wreak havoc on our economic and social conditions.

The 2000 Census in the USA showed Hispanic and Asian populations were the fastest growing groups in the country, and for the first time, nearly half of the nation's 100 largest cities are home to more Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities than Whites. Have a look at these inner city areas where "diversity" runs rampant, and then dare to question the destructive and disintegrative consequences we are facing. And much of this is courtesy of the "liberals" who have themselves moved to wealthy neighborhoods long ago!

Our unique civilisation is at stake, yet the Illuminati-controlled media and our `elected` governments either ignore this peril or behave as if there is no problem. Of course, those at the top of the pile know exactly what the plan is, and, to them it must seem as if everything's going exactly according to plan. Back down on planet earth, nobody has the courage it seems to confront women in the West with this one issue alone: Unless they start conceiving children and lots of them, our civilisation will vanish. European civilization is the engine of progress in the world. With our civilization gone, the Malthusian principle will most assuredly catch up with the rest of mankind. "Diversity" means the death of the West, but this death will not be limited to us. At least this much can be predicted.

The show will be over once we become a minority in our own lands, which mathematically seems guaranteed absent divine intervention. It will then be only a matter of time until the forces of disintegration have finished their destructive work and erased all traces of Western civilization. That not only can, but will, happen to our nations once Western peoples, by virtue of the democratic process, lose their political power to the newcomers.

The death of the West is imminent. It is a bitter irony that those men who went to war against the Axis powers during WWII earnestly believed it would be they who prevented the death of the West. Instead, they were being used as mere pawns to bring about the beginning of the end of Western culture and civilization, and then, to add salt to the wound, their children were enlisted in the counter culture of the sixties which continued the death blows.

There can be no doubt about the grave danger our civilisation and nations have been maneuvered into. It is a danger that has been spelled out by every institution dealing with population growth. If current trends persist, after 2050, the native population in the West will gradually shrink and become a minority.. This is a danger that can only be faced collectively.

In order to avert this calamity, our welfare states must be dismantled, and the traditional family restored to its rightful and premier place as the bedrock of society. The ideology of feminism has to be recognised as the `siege gun` and a primary agent agenda for our race's auto genocide, and then universally refuted and denounced. The only social construct that protects and nurtures human beings is the nuclear family unit and thereafter, that of the extended family, whereby children learn from not only their parents, but their grandparents, aunties and uncles also. The passing down of knowledge and tradition in this way kept people grounded and gave a sense of natural belonging and security. This is the divine God-given order of the world. The violators of this order are enemies of mankind who not only want the European race to perish, but want every indigenous population on earth to perish along with it.

To be Continued in Part Two.





  4. Essential Reading!!

  5. The Death Of The West by Senator Patrick James Buchanan,

  6. Frankfurt School




  10. Be Wise As Serpents – Fritz Springmeier P 399 Re Freud. Today, psychiatrists, our primary recognized authorities on people, are taught principles that are derived from the teachings of theSatanic Sabbatai. Freud took his ideas from the Zohar and some of the ideas of the Sabbatai. It might surprise some people that Freud got his ideas from the Satanic Jewish sect of Frankist-Illuminati. The depraved behavior of the Frankist-Illuminati was the beginning of what has become the everyday perversions of the ungodly American Society. Psychiatrists using Freud's teachings have been granted unquestioned power over many people lives.


0 #1 Andrew McKinnon 2009-05-28 11:38
I just read part one of your article, "To Kill a Tree". It was great. You are right onto the latest and most relevant concepts. I have only just caught on to this idea of deleting the history of a people in order to control them. I read about it in a recent piece from HM.

I look forward to hearing from you. I value your correspondence.

Kind Regards

0 #2 Jeannon 2009-05-28 11:38
Another great one, Phillip.

I am still thinking about what Dr,. Kitty Little said about things working to debase the white race. I had always thought that the Illuminati believed in the supremacy of the white race. I know the elites of Great Britain believed it was "the white man's burden" to rule the world.

I would mention that Pat Burchanan never held elected political office and was never a senator.

Don Feder has a brand new video available called "Demographic Winter" that speaks of some of the things your latest piece alludes to.

Looking forward to Part 2

God bless you

Jeannon Kralj
Austin, TX
0 #3 Jean Bush 2009-05-29 19:22
Dear Philip,

You grow ever more brilliant with each passing day, however, I fear that such will blind those who need your visions most.

Our high and Christian standards of living cannot be sustained at this point in time and are doomed to worse than third world status. As the mounting hordes of immigrants, both legal and otherwise, reduce us to rubble, they, too, will return to their former poverty stricken status, as they shove their "minority" status in our faces, and force our education systems, hospitals, welfare offices and public utilities to ever expand to meet their "suffering" needs. As we run out of resources, everyone, including them, will end up without. They who came, thinking we had unlimited treasures to loot.

At least 32 emergency rooms in Southern California alone were closed last year due to lack of money and endless, uninsured immigrants, and talented doctors and nurses are leaving our inner cities due to rampant crime, M-13 gangland drugs and murders, and have scattered across the country, and some to Europe also. But there is no escape, M-13, a well organized and controlled drug cartel from Mexico, have implanted themselves in every state of our Union. In large cities and small country towns, they seduce and enchant our youth into drugs, crime and hopelessness.

And as you so well pointed out, the destruction of the family unit has opened the door to every kind of horror and wretchedness. It all begins and ends with love, and when there is none, we cannot be saved. There is no longer any love for God, and men and women, fighting amongst themselves for "equality," have been distracted by the Satanists into believing that true love can be tossed aside as so much garbage, so that all the other diverse and championed "lifestyles" can be brought forward as simple "choices" to be made in the name of personal freedom and "justice for all."
It makes me sick, Philip, that we have allowed ourselves to be brought so low without a single shot being fired.

Swing your sword ever wider,we need you now more than ever.

0 #4 Bill 2009-05-30 19:06
Great article, as you continue to keep the faith.
Remember 1998 when Gates was pied in the face in Repostville Europe? I thought how could he be so stupid to have such weak security? Was it really him, a double or perhaps an intended stunt?
I certainly do not trust his judgment or the judgment of any philanthropic billionaire. But not all of these billionairs are evil, are they?
However, almost 40 years ago after reading Paul Ehrlich's "The Population Bomb" I became a member of Zero Population Growth thinking that I could make some difference; just like all the other fools that have fought any satanic war. But now in this America (foolishly thinking that countries actually matter or have significance) my conclusion is THEY have taken the "me" out of America and let "them" literally fxxx us to death and put the f where the me was and we end up with Africa. However, now the DIVERSITY overwHELLms! No offense to any of my fellow human being slaves. The only difference in the past, most were aware of their slavery, whereas today 99.9 percent of Americans or all humans for that matter, have no idea of the sophistication of their programmed slavery. Look at the vast sums of money spent on programming our minds from movies to news to advertising to television PROGRAMMING. It certainly is mind boggling!
Now with the nano revolution we are perhaps being sprayed with nano robots and they are in our bodies. Talk about HELL?
Anyway, consider the vastness of this one material observable universe in which our senses only perceive less than ONE PERCENT of reality and the fact that some stars are so big that their planets, in all probability have BEINGS on them that ARE LARGER THAN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.
Surviving the satanic, clinging to the lifeboats of our... re-LEGIONS, we must try to comprehend God's creative infinity. Perhaps Icke's Infinite Love, Albert Nock's Our Enemy The State and a vast array of other very perceptive human beings such as yourself, WE must come to the realization that we are like bacteria on planet earth and must evolve together in such a way that we overcome our satanically manchined manster tendencies.
So, all we can do is keep the faith and pray OR, perhaps we should have one last crusade, only this time WE SHOULD JUST EAT THE RICH, make them into pies LOL, although we would probably catch their viruses, eh? Let God reap the harvest, our efforts are so minute they are just that, over in a minute, a generation, a century, a millenium, a period (JurASSic comes to mind). Satanic industry words crack me up, like the [censored] like drug [censored]; yep go see alice. Or aciphex for stomach problems.LOL

Great article as always, good luck, keep the faith!

The forces of insidious psychopathic satan worshiping beasts are all around us! PRAY!!! AND LOVE IT!!!!
0 #5 Pervaiz Jamal 2009-06-07 13:35
To begin such a series of articles like this is not easy in todays western political climate as it calls into question all and everything politically correst. But Philip has identified the main weopons which have been used on the western peoples and which are now being used against the Muslim world. It's pure Marxism. End private property, destroy the family, get women out of the home, disconneect the children, erode community and loyalty, kill religion, and dilute the populations. Many of my Muslim brothers here in Germany have married western girls, who just don't want to have children, or maybe one. I think we are all, western or not in big trouble, and it is articles like this which expose, very bravely and fairly the situation which should be dispersed amongst our friends and families. I am a Muslim from pakistan and I am not insulted or offended. I know the man and there is none fairer. A fine piece of writing.
0 #6 Peter Clement 2009-06-07 16:14
Dear Phil

I apologize for commenting so late on this brilliant article. I realize more and more how intelligent you are and how fortunate i am to have you as a friend. Really everybody should read this and i will it forward it to many as possible.

God bless you my friend
PS. I am convinced that God will interfear and safe those who walks His path
0 #7 Carol 2009-06-09 15:36
Well I am not that convinced Peter. For eons God has kept silent. Why God should today begin to intervene then and so late when eugenism is marching on strongly, chemtrails are spread every single day all over the world, GMO is becoming largely used in farming, food and even medicine, nano technology is transforming our conception of life, and people are "mind-control" to make it all even better, banksters stealing the people good money and labour, slavery to a deceitful system and much more?
And tell me, this little planet suddenly in this huge universe highicked by malevolent forces should be saved by a sudden miracle and benevolent grace????? I beg you pardon but for me it is delussional and child like. And strangely a bit too late, don't you think?
Let's wait and see!
It is an abomination that this has been allowed to happen for years even thousands of years. This kind of God is as evil as evil is.
"Let's wait and see for one thousand of years then we (gods) will see how you are doing and we might come to you rescue"
"Brilliant, a little suffering will do you some good". I beg you pardon? Who is this? Who is doing the talking? Do you have a clue?
Besides God what is it? Surely not from the bible. The latest is a construction going back to far ancient history. I won't start writing about this.
It is strange that in one hand there is a major effort to reveal evil and the abomination of the conspiracy and in another hand still people are clutching to this God deception from the bible.....
I am not an atheist. There is something somewhere. But what it is I just simply do not know anymore. And I refuse today to label it with conciousness, God, Yavhe, Buddha or whatever....And for the rescue....No one in sight as I can see.
I know! this is my only opinion.
Sorry if I am a bit hard.
0 #8 Iftikhar Qamar 2009-06-20 00:01
May the peace and blessing be with all of you!

I think you got the part of the story only yet. But I am sure you will one day solve the puzzle because its promissed by the Lord of the Lords "That he who seeks truth will find truth". I would add just one more thing that seek truth dont try to prove yourself or any one right or wrong and when we point a finger out to blame some one rest of the four fingers of hand point towards us; because its perfect illusion and sincere seeking is the only answer to this deception. Dont let the language,race,gender,region and religion a barrier for you; all these are your enemies. Ignore me if you dont find my words pleasent but dont ignore my suggestions because I did so sincerely.

My next point is about the comment made by a visitor named Jean
"Our high and Christian standards of living cannot be sustained at this point in time and are doomed to worse than third world status"
This is the initial line of jean in the long comment; I know a bit about the living standar of JESUS. Do you? I know the living standard of Europe 400 years ago; do you? Where did Jesus came from; Manchester, New York, Washington, London, Paris? or you dont even know; was not he from so called 3rd World ? Was not he poor ? Was not he from humble ones not from red necks ? I am bit confused; Are you Christian? or you are the one who was told that he/she is a christian and 3rd world is robbing them. THINK about it JEAN; what are you following and why....
Forgive me if caused any trouble or problem to any one
0 #9 2009-06-20 00:01
May the peace and blessing be with all of you!

I think you got the part of the story only yet. But I am sure you will one day solve the puzzle because its promissed by the Lord of the Lords "That he who seeks truth will find truth". I would add just one more thing that seek truth dont try to prove yourself or any one right or wrong and when we point a finger out to blame some one rest of the four fingers of hand point towards us; because its perfect illusion and sincere seeking is the only answer to this deception. Dont let the language,race,gender,region and religion a barrier for you; all these are your enemies. Ignore me if you dont find my words pleasent but dont ignore my suggestions because I did so sincerely.

My next point is about the comment made by a visitor named Jean
"Our high and Christian standards of living cannot be sustained at this point in time and are doomed to worse than third world status"
This is the initial line of jean in the long comment; I know a bit about the living standar of JESUS. Do you? I know the living standard of Europe 400 years ago; do you? Where did Jesus came from; Manchester, New York, Washington, London, Paris? or you dont even know; was not he from so called 3rd World ? Was not he poor ? Was not he from humble ones not from red necks ? I am bit confused; Are you Christian? or you are the one who was told that he/she is a christian and 3rd world is robbing them. THINK about it JEAN; what are you following and why....
Forgive me if caused any trouble or problem to any one
0 #10 Deltager 2009-06-24 03:22
harder it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom than for a camel to pass thru the eye of the needle.

What's so bad about peace, love, & understanding ?

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