Playing God.

asklepios_medical_god.jpgPlaying God. By Philip Jones ; 10th March 2009.

In 1973, the `New Humanist Manifesto`, caused thousands of US intellectuals to urge recognition of an individuals right to die with `dignity`, along with an acceptance of Euthanasia and Suicide. As Sen. Patrick Buchanan writes in his book, `The Death Of The West`, "They were ahead of their time".

Recently I learned from a friend here in Denmark, that she had some years before, signed a document which, if she became seriously ill or injured, gave Danish Health Service Professionals the `right` to arbitrarily cease treatment if they believed that there was little or no hope of a recovery. I had never heard of such a thing and the implications of signing a document giving what amounts to the Danish State the final say as to whether she woud live or die and the opportunities for abuse were instantly obvious to me.
This `authority`, known in the english speaking world as a `Living Will` precludes the need for the `health` professionals involved, to seek permission from the next of kin. More crucially, the signatory, having given this power away, will, if such a scenario becomes reality, probably not be in any condition to rescind it's auspices.
In an age, where monetary considerations increasingly take priority over human need, this procedure is wide open to official corruption. Will financial factors take precedence over the interests of the patient? In Denmark, anyone having made such an `advance directive `will have his or her details filed on a centralized computer. Why? 
My `friend` is forty three years old, a wife and mother of two, and enjoys excellent health. The question begs to be asked; Why would such a person entertain the idea of making a `Living Will`? Has life become so `cheap` and meaningless, that we are prepared to so readily give up on it? Apparently yes, as this new attitude to Euthanasia, the massive number of abortions, and the lack of babies being born on the old continent tends to indicate. It seems that Europeans have lost the instinct to survive in perpetuity.
I have lived in Denmark for the past thirteen years, and have been aware that at least up until recently, the attitude of the Danish State and medical profession with regards to what is termed `Euthanasia` was very different to that say of my native Britain. Denmark is  intensely `Secular and Humanist`, more so even than the UK, and even a cursory browse through the `Humanist Manifesto` will, to those familiar with Danish society, reveal a multitude of similarities if not exact replications of the dogmas contained therein.
Bearing this in mind, I read recently with some surprise, that in the UK, the General Medical Council, is changing its rules to create a similar situation as exists in Denmark; namely, that UK Doctors give precedence to the `wishes` of the patient in so much as any `Living Will` exists, above and beyond what in medical terms are that patients best interests. This apparent aberration will actually force Doctors to `cause harm` to their patients.
Let us be clear on this; We are speaking about killing people. The issue concerns the same species of advance directives or ‘Living wills’  that my friend signed, through which people can indicate that should they ever become so ill that they can no longer communicate their wishes, they want their treatment in those circumstances to be stopped. This redefining of killing as ‘treatment’  and refusing to kill as  ‘harmful’  is typically `Orwellian` and `doublespeak` of the most blatant kind. It's exactly what one expects from Totalitarian Regimes, which is precisely what the European Union is.
In truth, why should anyone be surprised that this pernicious and dangerous development is now occurring in the UK. Again, one has to realise that there is no Denmark, or Britain, or any other independent sovereign nation left in what is termed the `European Union`. As they say, what comes around goes around, and this is definitely the case where the EU is concerned. Ever mindful of keeping their citizens in a similar state to a batch of mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on bulls--t), the `Euro rats` are careful to introduce their diktats piecemeal in stages around the member states, so as to ensure that the citizens of those `nations` cannot grasp what is actually being done to them. Each fresh item of legislative carnage is introduced in differing countries separately and at different times.
In a free society it is imperative that the independence of the medical profession from the state is maintained. When it comes to the practice of medicine this protection for the public is vitally important, since doctors have power over life and death. As Melanie Phillips writes,
"That’s why their cardinal rule is ‘first do no harm’, and why the Hippocratic Oath which frames their ethical guidelines states ‘a physician shall always bear in mind the obligation of preserving human life".
But now, the General Medical Council in Britain has decided that, the `imperative` has altered. It is not the patient's best interests which are to be considered, but their wishes, no matter how deluded or ill conceived. And, doctors ignore these `Living Wills` at their peril. In fact, if they persist in treating the patient, contrary to the instructions in the `Will`, they will be struck off the medical register. I smell the sticky fingers of the EU in this ugly business. Somewhere, hidden away from prying eyes is an EU directive. I am sure of it. 
It seems that in our `Secular Humanist Age`, this new prevailing priority, giving to people what they want, rather than what they need, has taken on a `quassi religious` character. Again, no surprise here either, as `Secular Humanism` is akin to a religion, albeit of a non spiritual variety, and is in effect the only sanctioned belief system acceptable within the auspices of the EU.
Again from Melanie Phillips, "The overriding priority now given to what people want, rather than what they need, was what lay behind the `Mental Capacity Act` which has given legal force to ‘living wills’. What that already means is that doctors can be prosecuted and jailed for assault if they treat a patient who has given an advance directive not to be saved. But what people want when they express such a wish may be very different from how they feel when they actually find themselves in such a situation. The very possibility that a doctor might end the life of someone who might have changed their mind but be unable to communicate this is horrifying. Yet that is what the law now forces doctors to do. Since such patients who cannot communicate are intensely vulnerable, there is also a high possibility of their becoming victims of relatives with a vested interest in their deaths. For these reasons if nothing else, it is imperative that doctors are free to take decisions which they consider to be in the best interests of their patient at that time".
But now, this `law` not only prevents, but prohibits such professional freedom, and any Doctor who fails to adhere to it will find their careers ended. Even worse, they will now be `struck off` and may even be sent to prison for refusing to kill their patients.

So how could the descendants of Shakespeare, Bronte, Hardy and Dickens ever consider accepting such perfidy? Well, the truth is that this latest assault on our humanity is no isolated evolutionary event. Nor is it limited in scope or target area to the UK, or even Europe as a whole. And the normalising of Euthanasia is just the latest in a long list of weapons used against mankind with the complicity of governments with the intention of causing the depopulation of our species.
Euthanasia, whether voluntary or involuntary can now take it's place of infamy among the other planned and designed methods, programmes and ideologies, which have and are being utilised against the peoples of our planet to cause death, loss and yes, depopulation. These include; bogus, contrived and orchestrated wars of aggression and destruction as in the so called `War On Terror`. Disease, famine, vaccine programmes, abortion, family planning, the promotion of homosexuality and feminism, the use of synthetic hormones in food and drink along with other chemical additives and the dissemination of  PCB's or Polychlorinated Biphenyl into the environment. Along with Microwaves, Chemtrails and a plethora of evil which is beyond both the scope of this article and this writers knowledge base.
As incredible as this may read, the above is a global assault on all the peoples of our world, and is intended and designed to reduce the population of this planet by what some estimate 1/7th of it's current size. 

There exists in our world a group of super rich, power hungry individuals who believe themselves the descendents of `The Fallen Angels` or Nephilim, and trace their lineage back through King David to Judah and the Canaanite woman, Tamar. The Canaanites were said to be the children of the Anakim, a hybrid race created when the `Son's of God` married the daughters of men (Genesis 6:1-22).
This `cabal` of evil is best known as `the Illuminati` and includes a core of thirteen bloodlines, all interconnected, intermarried and tracing their lineage back to the Near East in Ancient times. They are worshippers of `Lucifer` and see themselves as `Gods` on a planet filled with `cattle`. They number amongst their members the Royal families of Europe, the leading Bankers, Industrialists, Media Tycoons and Political Elites. They operate through a dazzling array of `front groups` and secret societies such as the Freemasons, The Council For Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Common Purpose and many many more. Their tentacles are everywhere and the major intelligence agencies of the world are in the pockets of these self styled `Gods`..
In this article, I have tried albeit briefly to show that what I would term a `Conspiracy Of Death`, namely, the pernicious and cynical legitimising of legalised murder in the form of Euthanasia, via the mandated recognition of `Living Wills` now being propagated and normalised in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, is only one aspect of a coldly calculated and murderous agenda to reduce the population of our world significantly. We in the west in our past and current apathetic, unquestioning acceptance and acquiesence to the methods outlined above, along with our lust for afluence and selfish greed have aided and abetted in our own demise. Our `Hidden Masters` do not wish to share what they see as their planet with the estimated nine billion `useless eaters` expected to be sharing `space` with them by the year 2050.

I would respectfully recommend that anyone who has signed such a `directive` take all possible measures to have it made `null and void` whilst the possibility to do so still exists. We are living in evil times, and are ruled by evil men. What David Icke terms the `Totalitarian Tiptoe` is a reality, and what is unthinkable and unacceptable today, can become the recieved wisdom and accepted law tomorrow.
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0 #1 Rene\ Descartes 2009-03-12 05:58
It is totally un-naturalt for a soul to be in a body. And when a body is a hindrence for the development of the soul, then the Soul want to leave. To force a Soul to stay in a decaying and Painfull body is torture.
When the body does not serve its purpose, get rit of it! Would you force a person to stay in a car that don't work as it should? or open the door to let them out? It is only because prople don't understand the concept of re-incarnation that they spend 3/4 of their lives pretending to be what they are not.[smiley=happy][smiley=happy]
0 #2 Deltager 2009-03-12 21:42
"This `cabal` of evil is best known as `the Illuminati` and includes a core of thirteen bloodlines, all interconnected, intermarried and tracing their lineage back to the Near East in Ancient times"

Hello. Interesting reading. What do you conclude the abowe written from? I have heard it before, and i surely could beleive it. But have never seen any proof myself.
0 #3 Deltager 2009-03-14 01:13
Hi 2,
At the bottom of my article is a reference list of reading sources. Check these two out to begin with. It is not `light` reading, but will change the way you view the world you live in go to and
You will get all your questions answered and a whole lot more.

Thanks for taking the time to write.

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