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Skrevet af Nylonmanden - tirsdag 24. november 2009   
It is with deep sorrow in my heart, that I have to tell the readers of these pages, that our dear friend and freedom fighter Philip Jones has passed away.
Seen from my eyes, it was way to early.

It did not take long for the cancer to get a hold on his body, from not long ago when he was diagnosed with cancer, until today. After an operation at the Odense Universitetshospital, the body of Philip was unable to hold on to life and gave in.

Philip was a freedom fighter from the heart, he has always looking for the truth. His search has resulted in lots of solid research and many writings about "the social construct".

Philip Jones articles will always be on this site for reading and research.

Thanks for you warm and joy for life, I will always be deeply thankful for that you have given me.

God be with you Philip - Rest in peace.

You will stay in my heart
Kjeld Heising : A letter from Africa. Udskriv E-mail
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Skrevet af Philip Jones - søndag 30. august 2009   
Here is the letter I received yesterday from Kjeld's nearest, describing the events surrounding his death. Hannilie has given me permission to publish it in full here on the Nylonman site so that all might know the true circumstances.

It would be easy to infer at the very least incompetence on the part of the Medical team involved; but let's instead take Hannilies poignant account as being the only definitive source of truth in this tragedy.
Kjeld Heising : Rest In Peace. Udskriv E-mail
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Skrevet af Philip Jones - fredag 28. august 2009   

Kjeld Heising was the first Dane I ever met who had a clue about what was going on in the world. He had a `feet on the ground` understanding of the machinations occuring both in his own country and abroad.

We only met one time, and that saddens me, as I feel there was much I could have learned from the man. This evening, I received an email from his family in Africa giving the very sad news that Kjeld had `passed on,` due to what the local doctors had diagnosed somewhat dubiously as being Malaria/Yellow fever.

Those of us who knew Kjeld, read his work, learned from him, and appreciated his courage, will feel that our world has lost another voice of truth and reason, and a dear kind soul along with it. 

We should be sure to carry on his work and get the message out far and wide, that slavery to tyranny is no `lifestyle` choice worth making.

Kjeld Heising, we will miss you;