The Refusers
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - onsdag 16. november 2016   
the_refusers_wake-up-america.jpg Wake up America

A little music for the readers/listeners.

Video length: 3:36

Video by: The Refusers

Freemasons and Mossad agents working in cahoot
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - søndag 16. oktober 2016   
freemasons-and-mossad-agents-in-cahoot-m.jpg Clear as daylight

Here is a little clip where we clearly see Freemasons and Mossad agents working in cahoot, trying to obscure the quistioning about one of their many "drills" propagated as reality, used as fear porn for the populace.

Video length: 5:37

Video by: Dana W
All wars are bankers wars (owned by jewsuits)
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - torsdag 13. oktober 2016   
allwarsarebankerwars.jpg Video with information about the history of banking wars.

This video was made by: what really happend

Video length: 43:33

The article this video is made from can be found at what really happend
Cultural programming in Hollywood
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - søndag 09. oktober 2016   
hollywood.jpg Cultural programming in Hollywood

A short video describing how culture are being manipulated, mainly through comedy. Chances of you to have ssen some of the described movies are huge, but perhaps you did not see the underlying programming.

Video length: 13:39

Uploaded by: LifePsyop on youtube
A Different view of the world
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - mandag 29. august 2016   
my_dinner_with_andre_1981.jpg I must say, that this is very well kinda the same thoughts i have had for a while.

Nicely told in this 3. min clip.

Video author: laxislife143
Video length: 3. min

Clip from the movie: My Dinner with Andre (1981)

Found on this site:
There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - torsdag 04. august 2016   

There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up

Video Author: Людин Рɣси

Video length: 80 min.

The spoken language in this video is english with russian accent, still comprehensible.


Thank you Людин Рɣси for this great work.


Please goto youtube and vote this video.


En lille opfrisker - Og det viste du nok ikke
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - lørdag 26. marts 2016   
anders-fogh-rasmussen-georgetown-university.jpgJeg skrev tidligere at Anders Fogh Rasmussen var Jesuit - Uden at have klare beviser, hvilket jo er svært i en verden med løgn og pølsesnak overalt.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen har gået på Viborg Katedralskole, hvilket mange andre da også har - Mange måske uden at vide, at det er en Jesuit rede og har været det i mange hundrede år.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen har mindst 2 kriges forbrydelser på samvittigheden. Seneste er det der er sket i Lybien.

Brussel / Bruxelle - Yet another T-error hoax
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - onsdag 23. marts 2016   
brussel terror hoax - media /military propaganda
The power that be cannot stop making fear propaganda. The behaviour is just like an
addict, that can't stop when it feels so good - To make people fear.

The created fear in people will get the people to ask the power that be, for more protection from who ever the power that be will tell the people they need protection from.

Do NOT believe the fear propaganda.

See "picture" of "nail" "x-ray".

Ivar Giaever: Global Warming Revisited 2015
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - mandag 17. august 2015   
Video: Ivar Giaever - Global Warming Revisited 2015

About: Climate Change (Alarmist vs. Deniers)

Length: 29:35

Video upload: Alex Castro

CDC A HOAX?-Authority Without Accountability
Skrevet af Nylonmanden - tirsdag 03. marts 2015   
Hoax Busters Call

Whats up with that....

Video / Talk - Length: 27:33

Is vaccination safe?

Chris also has a blog at:

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